Get and get.

Good Get: My laptop! It finally arrived on christmas day, and my dad set up the router while I was gone this weekend. I officially have my own computer again, and finished my online hiatus - I can't wait to chat with people and catch up. I named it Tieria for obvious reasons, and because I am a raging nerd.

Bad Get: Concussion. Before anyone freaks out, I am fine - my brain is just a little rattled. On doctors orders I'm off work and restricted to keeping mostly off my feet for a week, which ironically leaves me PLENTY of time to catch up with everyone. I'm really pissed off about missing work since my New Year's shift that would have been time and a half, but I have no choice in the matter :/

This of course happened in the lamest way possible. I was on the bus back from Aaron's place to Fabricland (I work there now, huzzah!), when the driver slammed on the brakes and I cracked my head against the wall behind me. It just hurt like a bitch at first, and I continued on without really thinking about it - but when I got to work I was feeling kind of muddled. From what my manager told me when I arrived at worked i was dazed and not responding to my name or people speaking to me, and my motor skills were wonky. The assistant manager is a retired RN, so when they took me into the office to figure out what the hell was going on they figured it out and called my dad to take me to the hospital.

Long story short, I'll be easing back into being online the next few days - but I might be slightly more retarded than usual. I still feel pretty out of it and confused, not to mention my head goddamn hurts. It took me over an hour just to write this stupid thing, and i'm pretty sure when I read back later it'll be full of typos and wtf.

I'm allowed to sleep for two hours now, and I am going to take advantage of that.






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1) Create a graphic (200 x 200 max size fuck that noise) to represent your personal "candy". It should have your username on it, but otherwise can feature whatever you want. Make it something special since it's self-representative.

2) Make a post with the subject "trick or treat?". Put your "candy" somewhere in it, and be sure to repost these instructions.

3) Then, go around other people's LJs and reply to them with either "trick" or "treat". If you reply with "trick", they will give you an LJ dare that you have to perform before taking their candy. If you're too wimpy for that, simply say "treat" and take their candy.

4) List all your collected candies in your original "trick or treat?" post to show off your collection, being sure not to direct-link!

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Poll #1467807 HALLOWEEN

Who should I make for Halloween?

Futomimi (SMT Nocturne w/ blood)
Ping (Mulan)

Ping - http://rlv.zazzle.com/mulan_shirt-d235477982216504215agc_500.jpg
Futomimi - http://images3.wikia.nocookie.net/megamitensei/images/c/cc/Futomimi.jpg

I'd be doing some bloody handprints on Futomimi, and toning down the shoes.


Look, I'm posting! Hurrah!

Job - I start training Wednesday. I get to learn all about the WWF. The animal one, that is.


Health - Right now, it kind of sucks. The funny part is it wasn't the con that killed me this time, it was the painful ten hour bus ride there and back. On the way it wasn't too awful (cold, unable to sleep more than an hour, arriving at the wrong spot in NY and walking around the damp downtown and waiting in cold-ass hotel for our room) but coming back? The bus was CRAMMED, everyone was elbow to elbow and the combined heat and moisture from other bodies was disgusting. I was unable to sleep during the entire trip, which spanned from 7pm to 5am.

Being at the con from start to dealer's room close was also fairly exhausting, as was the fact we kept getting soaked in the rain. Before anyone gets worried, I've experienced all these symptoms before - it's a minor case of sinusitis I can probably knock out in a few days with a lot of Tylenol C&S, rest and Neocitrine.

New York - It really is just a bigger, slightly smellier Toronto. However it was still incredibly exciting to walk past streets and buildings I've seen in movies, look around and talk to locals. I want to go back and see Jude Law star in Hamlet this winter, as well as experience NY again with money and without Cosplay demanding most of my time and suitcase.

Bandai/ Eureka 7 Movie - I was contacted to wear Renton to the one-night American premiere of the E7 movie by Bandai. It was an interesting experience, the Bandai guys were very friendly and we chatted and took lots of pictures at the theatre and inside of it. Getting to the location was a bit of a pain in the ass, but it was the only theatre that allowed cosplayers and they really wanted to do some promotional shots with fans. It was weird to wear my old Renton costume again, but fun - and the fans seemed to really love it. I used my own hair which looked a lot better than the original wig, accuracy wise in terms of colour and style and that seemed to be a magnet for underage girls petting and groping my head.  Walking into the mostly full theatre was interesting, as I had people fighting over where I should sit - I ended up between a group of adorably black girls who had my arms fully gripped on either side and had amusing running commentary during the movie.

The movie itself was BEAUTIFUL (killer aerial animation), as was the storyline - I don't normally like AU but it was a strangely emotional and gratifying experience.

Hotel - Our room was really nice, with two bathrooms and two closets - a perfect fit for 5-6 people. While it was a bit farther than I thought it would be, the hotel made up for it by having very pleasant staff and the awesome room. The space was split between 4NG3L, Soni, Ceri, Lauralee and I without any trouble. This was one of the best rooming experiences I've ever had, everyone was respectful and more than pleasant. The only downside was that Chris and Soni were so effing cute I had to brush my teeth a few extra times to prevent cavities.

I'll make an actual NYAF report later, need to upload photos and drug myself more.

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So I started with a tl;dr post about the intrigue and tricks of finding a job in the metropolis, but I've run out of steam so I'll stick to the basics of what happened today and finish the other post later.

What made this interview the most intense and difficult interview I have ever experienced.

- My possible employer gave us these statistics: 140 people applied for the position in four days. 27 out of that 140 were chosen for a phone interview. 14-20 were given the opportunity from there to attend an in-store interview. From that number, not even half will be asked back for a second interview. If I wasn't aware of how competitive the job market is in Toronto, I certainly am now.

-This was not just an interview, this was a GROUP INTERVIEW, which was a new experience for me. I had heard of group interviews before, but nothing in detail. Four of us were taken to a small room beneath the store and asked the same question in random order, so the same pattern was never repeated. The first person had the advantage of being the first person to say an idea and look the most original, but also the least amount time to prepare their answer. The last person had the advantage of having the most time to formulate their ideas, but risk having all their ideas said by the previous speakers. Unless you were the last or second last person, there was no time to really formulate your thoughts - it had to all be on the fly.

-The questions were hard, and there were a lot of them. From how we would bundle sales in the current economy to our individual prediction of next spring's fashion in clothing and footwear. Our interviewer (the company owner) wrote notes on every answer, and gave no positive or negative response to any of them - he was a completely blank slate.

-After the questioning, we were told we had five minutes to go upstairs and choose three items to create an ensemble for a twenty-something woman working in a corporate environment, that would look good and function in both the work place and after hours social functions. The boutique is not a large place, and everyone took the task very seriously. I was elbow to elbow with a fashion merchandising student, skimming through racks from European designers and prestigious labels from London/Paris/Milan/Tokyo I had never heard of.

-When the time was up, we had to present our outfits and explain them to the owner as if he were the customer. I chose a knit A-line mod dress (Mostly charcoal and black in colour, with teal and white in the bold geometric print.) a thin polished leather belt with a small gold buckle to cinch the waist, and a pair of Vivienne Westwood black velvet pumps with small gold buckles and charcoal leather heels. The outfit was bold but polished, with clean lines - the idea being that the dress could be drawn up over the belt to create a different sillhouette and length for the evening.

The entire time there was a very distinct feeling of competition, and I think I got my first taste of the fashion world. The store itself is gorgeous, servicing brands from all over the world and very fashion-forward in style. They own three stores in Toronto, and are making a name for themselves - they host a fashion show every year as well.

Overall I think I ranked number one or two in our group, and I hope I get asked back for a second interview. The pay was decent, but the connections would be AMAZING. If I do get one, I'll know by later tonight.
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